Welcome, Beauty.

I’m Lauren Bellon, a speaker, writer, coach, and entrepreneur devoted to moms of kids with special needs.

My belief? You can be a fierce advocate, a committed mother, AND an inspiring woman who pursues her own dreams beyond motherhood. A mom of two myself, including one child who has a serious mental illness, I am a passionate voice for parents, families, and children with special needs.

My kids are my heart outside my body. And I know what it’s like to feel like there’s never enough time, money, or me to go around. To step into an infinity mirror of more assessments, more therapies, more treatments, more interventions, more challenges, and more rabbit holes to research. I’ve cried in the shower out of caretaking exhaustion the way my mom friends stopped doing once their kids outgrew the newborn stage. Familiar with advocacy that never ends and year-long waiting lists for services needed now, I’ve also felt the ache of missing a 7 year old boy as he spends too many nights sleeping in a hospital bed instead of his own.


But in the midst of chaos, crisis, and intense caretaking, or perhaps because of it, I found my way home to myself. I dared to pursue dreams I never even knew I had. I…

  • Started and grew two businesses to mid-six figures sales.
  • Fulfilled my lifelong dream to publish my writing and get paid to write.
  • Learned to teach yoga and meditation to kids and adults.
  • Coached and mentored hundreds of women to meet their fitness, health, business, parenting, and life goals.
  • Connected with some of the most phenomenal, generous women who happen to also be walking a similar parenting journey – they love me through the hardest days and inspire me to be a difference maker on my best ones.
  • Opened up about our family’s journey and feelings of isolation, only to discover just how many other families are going through this and need to hear that they are not alone.

And now I’m using all of my experience and training to create resources and practices just for you.  It’s time to dust off those dreams, Mama, and create a few new ones while you’re at it.

Let’s Talk About You

You’re ready to thrive.

You want to make sure your child is okay without losing yourself entirely along the way. You can accept that sometimes, your life is really freaking hard. And you know there’s still more research and advocacy to come. But you refuse to resign yourself to becoming bitter and you’re done with blame, shame, and perfection. You’re ready to invite and accept support.
It’s time to figure out how to have fun. To celebrate all you have been doing for your children and your family. To be seen, heard, recognized, and understood.
And you wouldn’t actually mind a gold medal from time to time. As long as no one puts you on the special needs mama pedestal or looks at you with pity. You’re a pretty kickass mom and it’s time to own that.
You’re ready to do more than remember who you used to be. It’s time to come home to yourself. To get to know the incredible, awesome, amazing woman you are as someone and something more than simply your remarkable child’s parent.

But You’re Not Quite Sure How.

I Can Help…

Still want to know more about me?

I’m a fan of all things random, so here are 5 random tidbits for you:

  1. In the name of adventure and doing something that scares me every day, I once busked on a street corner in Birmingham, Alabama, performing “My Girl” for passers-by.
  2. I believe in possibility above all else. But I believe in compassion even more.
  3. My love for ice cream, tea, and essential oils knows no bounds.
  4. Playing with color and light makes me giddy.
  5. I can’t resist a hand crafted coffee mug with a perfectly weighted handle.