Mama Rising Episode 5

Episode 5: Synch Your Cycle To Your To Do List

Up, down, and all around. That’s how I used to feel as I navigated the tasks of motherhood, advocacy, and running a small business. Just as I’d start to get into a groove, my hormones would shift, and I’d feel derailed, frustrated, tired, and burned out. But over the years I’ve learned some special secrets from wise women about how to use the energy of each phase of my menstrual cycle to invite more ease, peace, and productivity into my life. This episode talks mothering and menstruation. Periods and parenting. I explore the ways we can use each part of our cycle to enhance our advocacy, self-care, and momming. Yes, even those two weeks before our period arrives have great value to offer if we know how to listen!

Resources I Mentioned in This Week’s Episode:

The Overwhelmed Mama’s Guide to More Help, Less Stress, and a Full Cup

The Sanctuary

Young Living Essential Oils

Progessence Plus

The Woman Code by Alissa Vitti

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup


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