Plant-based products that make you feel great.

Sleeping children, a non-toxic home, glowing skin, and a community of people who make you feel at home?

Just a bonus.

Essential Oils, Products, & Business

You may have gathered from following me online – I’m unapologetically obsessed with essential oils, natural skin care, supplements, and really anything that helps me and my kids sleep more, stress less, and have perfect attendance at work and school. And I’m downright passionate about the unique role that network marketing can have on financial well-being for women – especially moms and even more especially moms of kids with special needs.
Whether you arrived here from my podcast, or from somewhere else entirely… welcome!
If you’re new to Young Living and essential oils… you’ve likely heard of Peppermint, Lavender, and Tea Tree, but perhaps that’s where your knowledge ends. You might even be a little skeptical of your oil obsessed friends!
Similarly – maybe your only exposure to the network marketing profession has been getting added to Facebook groups you never wanted to join, spammed with invites to “shopping parties,” or friends who seem to have very expensive hobbies.
Both of those paragraphs described me four years ago. But with the myriad challenges of special needs parenting unfolding in front of me… I was more open-minded than I might otherwise have been, and thank goodness for that.
My organization spans the country and the globe at over 500 families strong. Our #ThriveTribe is in more than 30 states and in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Not only did our team and the income I make from my business survive when I took a year and a half long sabbatical during my son’s health crisis a few years ago – all of it actually GREW. And our essential oils and oil-infused products have become serious powerhouse players in my Special Needs Mama Toolkit – not to mention my own self-care.
I’d be thrilled to welcome you into our Young Living family and happy to support you along your own journey. Plus, I can’t wait to introduce you to this incredible community of inspiring, fierce, lively, and success-minded people, all of whom stated out right where you are today – myself included!

Your Options

You’ve got two options – and I’m happy to support you in whichever path you choose! You can simply use Young Living’s products for your own family’s personal wellness and consumption… or you can jump into an incredible adventure with me and begin sharing and teaching other families as well.

How to decide?

Well… if natural wellness matters to you… or you’ve already experienced the incredible benefits of essential oils and want to help others benefit… or you’re in need of work that can be quite flexible, income that is only limited by your own dedication, or community that inspires and teaches you… I have lots of goodies and info to share with you.
You’ll Learn…
  • How to empower yourself and others to use essential oils and oil infused products confidently and safely
  • The basics of building a thriving business doing something you love with a product and company you believe in
  • How to grow your business and your own leadership with a heart-centered approach that never damages relationships in the name of sales
  • Why practicing exquisite self-care is mandatory for entrepreneurial success
Bottom line? It’s YOUR choice! Begin where your intuition tells you and know that you can reach out to me when you have questions or need help. I’m here for you.
So choose the step that makes sense for you right now and we’ll walk this journey together.

Purchase Essential Oils

If you prefer to simply purchase essential oils, supplements, natural personal care, and non-toxic cleaning products for your family’s personal consumption, head on over to my Young Living store and look around.

My Top Tips for You:

  • Best tip? Open a WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT instead of just a retail one. You’ll save 24% on every order and be able to get freebies and other discounts from time to time as well. Don’t know about you, but I prefer to avoid paying full price whenever possible!
  • Next secret? Consider the Premium Starter Kits that Young Living offers. They are deeply discounted, an incredible value, and give you great options when you’re starting out.
  • If the PSKs aren’t quite right for you, you can also customize your own starter kit by purchasing the Basic Starter Kit and adding on exactly the goodies you want into your order.
  • SUPER IMPORTANT! There is ZERO monthly obligation with your wholesale membership. To be clear: there are NO STRINGS attached you have NO monthly obligation to purchase anything.
Ready to begin?
  • Head on over here to get started right away.
  • Or, pop over here for a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up your wholesale membership account.

Explore the Business

A few questions for you…
How would you like to have your own business? Flexibility to set your own hours? Income limited only by your own dedication to creating it?  How would you like crossing big dreams off your bucket list, and then realizing that all this time, you could have been dreaming even bigger? What about receiving notes of love and gratitude on a daily basis from people’s whose health, mindset, or finances you’ve changed for the better? And to do all of this while taking great care of yourself and connecting with a community of people who genuinely care about you and your success?
If you’re a special needs mom like me, what would it be like to stop worrying about paying for evaluations, therapies, medications, and advocates? To have peace and ease knowing that your income will flow to you whether you need to take an unexpected day or month off to meet your child’s needs? Never to wonder how your family will make ends meet if you or your partner is fired or hit by a bus? What would it be like to let your special child’s siblings know that the costs of caring for a disability won’t fall on them?
It’s all completely possible and not that hard. The catch? It does take persistence, consistency, coachability, and a decision. A decision to step into your own greatness, to stop being a victim of your own circumstances, and a commitment to doing the personal growth work it takes to build a successful business.
When I began building this business, I had no website, no expansive social network, and no experience in network marketing. I did, however, have a product and a company I believed in, and a fierce desire and commitment that each member of my family could thrive in spite of the challenges we each face as the result of my son’s mental illness. I was so OVER the notion that I needed to settle for surviving.
Even after taking a year and a half off from work after getting started, I managed to create a six-figure sales team and have already reached the rank of Gold within Young Living (take a peek at the income disclosure statement if you’d like to learn more about the average income for this rank). The woman who introduced me to Young Living, a dear, close friend, is a homeschooling mama who started building a year or two before I did – she’s now a Diamond with Young Living and earning five figures/month. And yes, she did that while homeschooling.
This IS NOT easy money, and it doesn’t come without work. But I firmly believe that if you decide to take action, if you decide to believe in and create your own dreams… you absolutely will…
  • Supplement your existing business or full-time job income or become a full-time entrepreneur and build a Young Living business full-time.
  • Be part of one of the company’s fastest growing teams (ours is the first Diamond team in New England) with some of the most thoughtful training resources out there.
  • Receive free support and training that would cost thousands outside of our team.
  • Participate in training and accountability programs.
  • Earn commissions and bonuses by sharing something you love.
  • Save 24% on your own purchases.
  • Receive free products monthly.

Let’s Make It Happen

Ready to begin?
** Getting a Premium Starter Kit provides the best value for getting started. Take a peek at some of the info I have to offer about choosing the best kit for you.

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