WELCOME TO MAMA RISING, a podcast created because families of kids with special needs can do more than just survive.

We can thrive.

shut up about your perfect kid interview
Episode 7: The Imperfection Connection with Gina (Terrasi) Gallagher and Patricia Terrasi December 7, 2017

In an Instagram-perfect social media culture, these two sisters and authors of the book Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! have started a movement of imperfection. They made me laugh and then they made me cry during our conversation as we talked about celebrating kids’ resilience and success, about the… Read more

Mama Rising Kristin Chalmers
Episode 6: Identity, Creativity, and Marriage November 17, 2017

How do we keep our own identity and creative outlets despite the intense demands of special needs parenting? And how the heck do we keep a marriage strong at the same time? Photographer Kristin Chalmers and I talk about how she pursues her own creativity and self-expression while parenting two… Read more

Mama Rising Episode 5
Episode 5: Synch Your Cycle To Your To Do List October 27, 2017

Up, down, and all around. That’s how I used to feel as I navigated the tasks of motherhood, advocacy, and running a small business. Just as I’d start to get into a groove, my hormones would shift, and I’d feel derailed, frustrated, tired, and burned out. But over the years… Read more

Mama Rising Episode 4: Dealing with Insensitive Comments
Episode 4: Dealing with Insensitive Comments October 19, 2017

It’s a milestone that all special needs parents experience at some point. Repeatedly. Someone makes an insensitive comment and you have to decide how to respond. They’ve remarked about your child’s diagnosis or your parenting. They’ve implied that you’re doing it all wrong or declared you to be a superhero.… Read more

Mama Rising Episode 3: Bedtime Meditation for Kids
Episode 3: Bedtime Meditation for Kids May 19, 2017

Today we have something simple to offer: a tried and true bedtime meditation for kids. I started repeating this meditation aloud to my son every night at bedtime when he was just a year old. My daughter has been hearing it since birth! Eventually, I recorded it so that Dad… Read more

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