You’re In the Right Place If…

You’re secretly kind of curious about essential oils, but not sure where to start.

You bought a starter kit of essential oils, but you DON’T have hours and hours to spend picking through Pinterest or falling down the rabbit hole of fifty Facebook groups to figure out how to use them.

Or you already know how freaking amazing essential oils are and want a blueprint for helping others get started.

You listen to friends, and you’re on Facebook or Instagram often enough, so you know people are seriously obsessed with essential oils right now. According to the stories, there’s almost nothing these oils can’t do. Right?

But perhaps you’re pretty darned skeptical (and honestly, the silliness and hype online might just be turning you way off or at least making your eyes roll).

You’re wondering, is this for real, or just snake oil? Maybe you’re even thinking, geez, these people will believe anything if it’s not mainstream medicine, won’t they?

Or maybe you’re like I was and you’re thinking, “The placebo effect is a real thing, people…take a deep breath or smell anything that smells good and you’re bound to feel better!”

So you could have knocked me down with a feather when I finally tried them and my about-to-have-an-all-out-total-tantrum daughter put her hands on her hips, used her special sassy voice, and demanded, “MAMA. I NEED AN OIL.” Um, okay. Handed her a blend called Stress Away and two minutes later, she was sunshine and roses. I kid you not. So, yeah. Sold already.

Then there was my husband. Ha. If I felt skeptical…well, let’s just say he wasn’t super excited about so many new scents in our house. Until one of them provided relief from his annual pollen plight.

Not to mention that I no longer fear the throat tickle of doom. You know the one. It ALWAYS comes right at the moment that for you to miss work or for your kids to be home from school.

I could go on…but I don’t want to get all gushy and full of the same hype that made ME so skeptical!

Here’s the deal.

Learning *how* to use essential oils safely and confidently…while avoiding overwhelm…that’s the key. Do that and I swear you’ll fall in love with them.

To be honest, once my skepticism started to fall away, I ended up spending hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time:

– Sifting through all the conflicting opinions about using essential oils safely – good goodness, who knew there would be so much DRAMA in the world of essential oils?!

– Figuring out how to make the most of my starter kit of oils – I started with 11 bottles of essential oils and wanted to get the most out of all of them.

– Reading every resource I could get my hands on so that I would feel empowered to find the right oils for the right jobs in my family.

– Picking through Pinterest pages to sort out the hullabaloo from the great recipes and tips.

– Interviewing herbalists and aromatherapists, and learning about different approaches to working with oils.

– Heck, I even flew out to *visit* one of the farms that grows the botanicals used in my favorite essential oils brand. I observed the distillation process and saw the facilities where my brand’s essential oils are tested.

Look – I’m not an aromatherapist. I’m not even an expert.

I’m just someone who really, really believes in feeling empowered around my health and my family’s health. I happen to have a child with some extra needs, and I’ve learned how to do a lot of research very fast in order to make good decisions for us.

And I’d really, really like to save others the time and effort I went through just to come to what is really a very simple, basic framework for incorporating oils into daily life.

You don’t have to be the world’s biggest hippie or ditch your belief in allopathic medicine to get the benefits of essential oils.

If a skeptic like me can learn to use essential oils, I know you can, too.

As a special needs mama and busy entrepreneur, I use oils often to support mood, immunity, respiration, self-care, sleep, and SO much more (my son even used oils to help him start forgiving people!). What are your biggest health goals for yourself? For your family members?

People who fall in love with essential oils can certainly dive further down the rabbit hole of learning (don’t be shocked if that’s you).

But a great starting place, a starting place that is enough, and that will meet almost anyone’s basic needs for a family wellness cabinet, is the combination of the right starter kit and a good blueprint for using it.

This is your health, your family’s health. I’d love to help.

Ready to get started?

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