1. Seed to Seal

Young Living has been doing farm to table for more than twenty years–their commitment to thoughtfully sourced botanicals began before it was trendy.

2. Transparency

Young Living welcomes every single customer to any of their farms around the world. I and many friends have personally visited, wandered through miles of chamomile, lavender, and clary sage, held ylang ylang flowers in our hands, and witnessed the commitment to quality first-hand.

3. Supporting Other Families

I personally love that I can buy high-quality essential oils, as well as non-toxic personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and deodorant, plus cleaning products that actually contribute to my family’s health AND benefit from dear friend Christi’s homeschooling family in the process. I know some people don’t really understand the network marketing business model–to me, it simply means grassroots, word-of-mouth marketing that benefits consumers rather than the CEOs of Target, Whole Foods, or CVS.

4. Thank You Checks

I love that Young Living is happy to be a very generous product partner. I earn ongoing, residual income, just for telling other people about something I love. Over the years, I’ve recommended movies, restaurants, products, and more to friends–I believe that when you love something, you share it. With Young Living, doing that has also meant that I am able to earn a steady income. Best of all, that income doesn’t go away at times when I need to help my son through a medical crisis. That makes it different and way more helpful to this special needs mom than the successful brick & mortar fitness business I sold a few years ago or the career I had in higher education before having kids or the freelance work I’ve cobbled together at other times.

5. Free Things

From all-expenses paid travel to their farms, to a collection of nearly every essential oil they produce, to supplements, toothpaste, and more, Young Living has been very generous with me. enjoys being generous to its customers and partners.

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